Content Specialist II - Social Studies
Location:Dover, NH or Remote Based
Full Time/Part Time:Full time
Position Code19-CDSA-2439

Position Summary

Due to travel requirements the individual hired into this role must be able to travel locally within the Northeastern region of the United States, preferably within the states of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, or Rhode Island.  ***Please note:  Relocation assistance is available for this position***

The Content Specialist II - Social Studies is responsible for the test development activities for one or more assessment programs or projects. These assessment programs or projects may be traditional large-scale summative assessments, curriculum-embedded and formative assessments, content or item specifications, enterprise products or project work often related to research or expanding the use of technology in assessments. The Content Specialist II - Social Studies may also be required to function as the lead developer for one or more programs or projects, coordinating content development efforts for the assigned work. The Content Specialist II - Social Studies also serves as lead developer, demonstrating project management and time management skills, the ability to work independently, and the ability to train and coordinate internal and external team members, including freelancers, consultants and item writing houses.  Additional responsibilities include the following:
  • Contribute to conceptualization, specifications, and creation of innovative content and new assessment products, systems, or services.
  • Use databases and technology tools to construct, track, and edit items.
  • Work with project managers to coordinate schedules and communicate project details with other functional groups such as Graphics, Publications, etc.
  • Simultaneously work in different schedule modes (e.g., fast start-up and turnaround projects with more stable, long-term contracts).
  • Develop a variety of assessment item types according to standards frameworks and other requirements. 
  • Develop and refine item specification documents, test or product blueprints, and supplementary materials, as well as facilitate advisory committee meetings.
  • Develop and maintain item, test, and project specifications needed to complete a project or contract.
  • Create and refine a wide variety of items types, including multiple-choice, short-answer, constructed-response, and evidence-based response items, as well as technology-enhanced items, modules, and performance tasks, aligned to standards.
  • Develop item-specific scoring guides, distractor rationales, or other supplemental item information.
  • Conduct training workshops in item writing and other test development related tasks for a variety of audiences; listen to and address concerns of workshop members, clients and/or developers.
  • Train and provide feedback for item writers.
  • Review colleagues’ work and provide feedback.
  • Provide coordination and uniformity for presentation and quality of items, sets, and other work products.
  • Prepare item sets and materials for committee meetings, and facilitate and guide the work of advisory committees.
  • Create and analyze test blueprints.
  • Interpret and use item statistics in the selection of items; complete item selection and test construction according to blueprint and test specifications.
  • Consult with scoring chief readers during benchmarking.
  • Assist with development of assessment guides, brochures, and sample question packets.
  • Work with Psychometricians to develop items to both content and psychometric parameters including adaptive testing banks.
  • Ascertain and study current trends within national and professional groups’ content standards and in how children and adults learn.
  • Participate in personal and professional development.


  • Education and/or Experience: Bachelor’s Degree and a minimum of seven (7) years in Education, including four (4) years in educational assessment; individuals with seven (7) years in Education and at least two (2) years of directly applicable assessment industry experience, which includes proven experience demonstrating test development competencies associated with a Content Specialist II level role, may also be considered.  
  • Content Specialists are required to have in-depth knowledge in a specific discipline to successfully develop test activities for assessment programs. Education/Degree coupled with teaching experience must be in Social Studies.  
  • Dover/New England location is required.
  • 10-20% travel required for approximately 6-8 client meetings per year.